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The Turf mat is a patent pending designed dual sided mat. There are 2 surfaces. The sleek design is a high quality yoga mat 6mm thickness with light grip texture to hold the mat in place when in use on the turf side, when in use on the yoga side the mat offers plenty of cushioned support for all mat work. The grip texture is great for all floor, core and yoga work. The green turf side of the mat is made from a superior quality outdoor carpet material, This surface was made for use with core gliding discs. The fabric resistance band will assist you in the many combined workouts available. The mat measures 72 inches x 26 inches 8mm overall thickness. The turf side of the mat comes with 2 unique stoppers on either end (to keep you from gliding off the mat) Mat color: Black.


The best gliding surface!

That’s right! We created a mat, simply to enhance your core gliders ability. We love core gliding workouts so much that we wanted to make the experience more effective. By taking the surface of the mat space, making the glide super difficult and the adding stoppers, you get more from the workout.

Great For Clubs

Allow your club or sporting facility to enhance a clients workout experience, yet allow the clients to workout safely in the now required social distancing guidelines. The INDIVIDUAL use mats come in packs of 10,20,30 and will allow a client to use the mat, clean and disinfect it before and after use and return to the rack. And in today’s post pandemic workouts, large turf fields are no longer safe. Here is a smarter , safer, and effective solution.

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Get your members more bang for their buck! Whether you are a small facility or large chain club, or working out from home, we offer packages to suit your needs. In smaller clubs, where equipment may be limited, or a large club that has too many members waiting for a machine , offering the endless options for core, hiit, and strength work in one package that simply hangs on the wall will really excite your members! Group fitness will come alive at the sight of a Hiit the turf class!

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