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Our durable functional training mat has thought of ever detail! The mat is dual sided. The base of the mat is a 6mm think durable yoga mat with gentle ridges that keep it in place and add comfort. The reverse surface, (the turf side) is a gliding surface, that is eco friendly. (Made using 10 recycled plastic bottles). This slick surface will change the game for your typical movements on the core gliding discs. We have added stoppers to both ends to help control the start and stopping points of every movement.

The mats design offers two types. One style comes with grommets making storage a breeze. Simply hang the mat on the rack when done with use. Our mat kits sold for gyms, come with a sturdy hanging rack that hold up to 10 mats per rack.

A single use turf mat kit comes complete with, 1 mat, 1 pair of gliding discs, 1 fabric resistance band (size Medium), and a carrying strap to roll the mat and take wherever you go!

The gym kits come with either 5, 10, 20, 30 of all the items listed above. Please check the item kits directly for specials we offer, such as free training on the mats for staff members based on purchase. The only difference on the gym kit mats is the addition of the grommets, to help store the mats easily and keep them looking great!

We are offer asked this question. And the cleaning/disinfecting of each mat , especially in today’s times….our mats are easily disinfected using any disinfecting spray. We offer an all natural organic oil cleaning spray for sale but mats can be hung and sprayed easily at every use point. Making the mat more ideal and practical, so that every member feels safe knowing they can control the space they are working on.

In addition to the ease of cleaning the mat. Please not that the turf surface is made from outdoor carpet like material that is mildew/mold/anti bacterial resistant. We chose this material specifically, for safety and longevity.

We put our original design of the turf mat back in 2018 through thousands of test runs and trials. We used it in outdoor boot camps, Rainey days, got them muddy, indoor surfaces, carpeted floors, wood floors, sandy beaches and more.

This helped us see what uses will harm the mat. And what we could do to improve the mat to bring you the best possible product.

So our recommend uses for the turf mat is any indoor use such as a wood floor, gym floor, carpet, tile. The mats can easily be used outdoors on dry flat ground such as grass or pavement. However please note that use on the pavement will wear the yoga mat side down more so then strict indoor use. So please choose your outdoor surface carefully and find a smooth dry spot.