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Raised Arm Glute Bridge Extensions

Muscles worked: triceps, hamstrings and core. 

Position yourself in bridge position feet placed on gliders.hands directly under shoulders. Using core to stabilize the correct form. From here glide one foot out to fully extended, then switch. Trainer tip: for beginners have them work with one foot on a gliding disc and one foot stable. Resting as soon as correct form is lacking, then switching sides. As they improve add in both gliding discs.

Turf Climbers

Muscles used: core, back, abs, hip adductors/abductors, arms, shoulders.

Starting in plank, feet on gliders, glide both feet forward while maintaining plank, keeping knees narrow and together, then glide back out, then glide back out expanding knees wide (outside of elbows). Return to plank by gliding back out. keep switching from narrow to wide. Resting on the knees as needed.

Trainer tip: do not drop hips, keep hands under shoulders.

Turf Core Extenders

Muscles worked: shoulders and abs and lower back.

Kneeling at edge of mat, both hands on gliding discs keep arms somewhat under shoulders and use hips to push the stance forward. Once you feel the core fully engage you can extend further by gliding hands further. Gently pull hands back, at the same time, returning to starting position.

Trainer tip: for beginners fold mat further up to shorten the distance. If you struggle to glide both discs back in evenly then start with a shorter distance.

Turf Core Extenders with Crunch

Muscles used: obliques, abs, back, shoulders.

Lying on side, one hand on glider, glide out keeping hand in line with the hip. Extend opposite arm over head and lift leg on the extension. Then use the core muscles to glide back in and extend to a crunch on the opposite side. Repeat same movements on other side.

Trainer tip: make sure the body stays in line, shorten the distance for beginners by folding the mat and expand the length of the movement when proper form is achieved.

Turf Cross Extenders

Muscles used: obliques, ands, shoulders lower back.

Start at edge of mat, hands on gliders, glide forward from the hips, using one arm to extend across the mat, then glide back and switch to the other side. Keep alternating the movement.

Trainer tip:
For beginners start with the mat folded to shorten the distance of the movement – then add length back once form has improved.

Turf Knee Tucks

Muscles used: abs, arms, chest , shoulders, back, quads.

Start in raised arm plank. Feet on gliders, using core to stabilize, glide both feet in, maintain plank, then glide both feet back out.

Trainer tip: try this movement once the turf mountain climbers (single leg movements) have been mastered.

Turf Knee Tuck To Single Leg Twist

(Here we show how you can add this advanced movement into your current programming. Breaking the movements up with other gym equipment! The combinations are endless! Here is just one example!

Muscles used: core, lower back, arms, obliques.

Perform the knee tuck and then in between each knee tuck while still maintaining the plank position, use the obliques to glide one knee across the body, then return to plank and switch sides.

Turf Pike To Plank

Muscles used: core, back shoulders, quads.

Start in raised arm plank position, using core to stabilize lift hips as you glide feet forward to a pike position. (AIM to keep legs straight), then slowly glide back to starting position.

Trainer tip: be careful to not let hips drop when returning to plank position. For beginners, try this movement in a forearm plank position.

Turf Push Up Feet Stacked Knee Tuck

Muscles used: chest, core, back, arms.

Wearing resistance band over mid arms (lying across chest when you are dipping into a push up position) the band will help you achieve the total movement and acts as. An assistance here. Start in plank one foot on glider, the other foot stacked on top of the other. Gently and controlled glide knees in, while holding plank, then glide foot back out, maintaining plank the whole time. Once extended back out into plank then drop down for a push up. Once push up is done repeat glide in, then push up, always resting on knees when needed.