Get your very own dual sided Turf on the Go mat today!

HiiT the Turf with us!

Welcome to Turf on the Go!

Exercise with your very own today!

HiiT the Turf with us!

Welcome to Turf on the Go!

Exercise with your very own today!

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Turf on the Go!

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About Turf on the Go!


Turf on the Go

Turf on the Go was created to mimic one of the biggest trends in the fitness world in 2017, but can be used ANYWHERE. You get all your fitness needs met by one workout mat. Want to workout outside? Want to workout on hardwood floors or ceramic tiles? Want to workout at the gym but they have no turf? Want to workout at the hotel? Now you can. Turf on the Go takes care of all these issues! Grab your discs and Turf on the Go and you can workout anywhere!!!


Designed for the person on the go.

Turf on the Go was designed with the person on the go in mind. It's for a busy person who loves new ways to stay in shape and challenge themselves.  Our mat provides extra cushion and support with it's two layers. Great for people with back or knee injuries. No need to double a regular yoga mat anymore. It's a workout that blasts through calories! It's for anyone who wants to take their fitness level to the next step. Tired of your same routine? Turf on the Go is sure to change that!

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About Jen & Ang

Jenifer Stryska


Welcome to Turf on the Go! My name is Jenifer, I have been a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and team training coach for four years now.

My Personal fitness journey began about 5 years ago. I was extremely over weight, unhealthy and depressed. Stuck in a place that I wasn’t sure I could get out of. Long story short, I spent a long hard year training, learning to eat healthy and lost 80lbs. It took me a very long time to find that inner fit girl and to be very honest, I made a deal with the powers above. If I could find the strength to live this way for the rest of my life than I would spend my days showing others just how great it can be and help them get there too.

Fast forward another year, I got my training certifications and began my journey to work with others. I love, love, love my job! It is my job that sparked this invention. I worked in many different clubs, one had a big turf field. The workout I could give out, I noticed was intensified every time I used glider discs in the workout on the turf field. I wanted to bring that experience with me to my private clients homes and to the other gyms that I worked in as well. The idea to create the dual sided mat came to me one night and I literally started the prototype that night.

I knew I had big plans for what I wanted to do with these mats and how I envisioned all the possibilities for group classes and small studios, and for the mom at home looking for a new great workout. One that could simply go where ever they did. Just roll the mat and go!

My amazing partner on the journey with me is actually a great friend and client of mine, Angelique . She is the most fit and energetic woman I know. Her ideas helped me with this invention and her belief in not only me as a trainer, but also in the product is what helped bring Turf on the Go! To fruition.

Together we are busy creating not just a this awesome product, but help for others just like us. Follow us to learn all the exciting things in development. Such as our free tutorials on great exercises to follow with the mat. (Watch us on Facebook and Instagram for the free move of the day!), as well as our free weekly meal prepping tips, Saturday or Sunday, also on Facebook and Instagram “prepping for success”. We are currently creating group fitness classes designed around our mat, called HIIT the Turf! And in the future will offer online training/coaching and meal prepping consultations. We are talking to you mom to mom here. And as we all know moms know how to get things done!



Hi, and welcome! I'm Angelique! I am a group fitness instructor and provide support/accountability to help women work toward a healthier lifestyle, including mindset, workouts and improving their nutrition.

My personal health and fitness journey started over 8 years back when I was very unhappy with the person I had become.  I decided to start working out because I hated who I saw when I looked in the mirror. Looking back now, that was my reasoning to start on  a journey that truly changed my life. I didn’t know any better back then. My negativity towards myself was slowly ruining me.

I realized that I needed to love my body for the journey it’s been on, and where it was going. I wouldn’t be able to feel my best if I kept hating it. I had to learn how to love my body.  Something I never had done before.

Now I exercise because I love my body and what it’s been through. I had to learn how to deal with all these emotions and once I was able to let go was when I truly was able to love  my body, not hate it anymore. I love working toward my health and fitness goals. I love to help OTHERS find what I have found... A healthier mind, heart, and body than I did BEFORE I had my three kids.

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